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Speech, Language, & Feeding Therapy for Kids!

SF Speech Therapy evaluates and treats the following communication and feeding challenges:

Late Talkers  •  Language Delays  •  Childhood Apraxia of Speech  •  Speech Sound Disorders  •   Gestalt Language Processing •  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)  • 
Pediatric Feeding Disorders  •  Dysphagia  •  Picky Eating

Child in neurodiversity affirming speech therapy

Our Approach to Therapy

Therapy sessions at SF Speech Therapy are a joyful, encouraging, and imaginative experience for children of all ages! We strive to match your child's energy and follow their interests as we practice new communication and feeding skills. While sessions often look like play, our speech therapists are experts at embedding specific strategies to help your child reach their goals.

Our practices are evidence based and neurodiversity affirming - which means that we honor and expand on your child's innate interests, tendencies, and strengths rather than viewing their behaviors as something to "fix."

Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to participate in their child's therapy journey for best outcomes. You will be educated and empowered with takeaways every week!

Our Approach

Early Intervention

We help children ages birth - 3 communicate by engaging in motivating play activities, following their lead, and incorporating their interests. Our goal is to give them words and strategies to communicate what they are experiencing in the world! Early intervention sessions are designed to help your child:

  • Lay a foundation for communication through skills like pointing and gesturing 

  • Use their first words

  • Interact and engage in back-and-forth conversations

  • Express themselves with less frustration and challenging behaviors​

Parent participation is an essential component of early intervention. We will teach YOU how to confidently use early language strategies at home and throughout all of your daily routines!

Speech Therapy

Does your child use a limited number of sounds, make sounds incorrectly, or have a hard time speaking clearly enough for others to understand? Using engaging activities, focused practice, and motor based approaches like DTTC and PROMPT, our speech sessions will help your child:

  • Use new speech sounds

  • Speak clearly so that others can understand them

  • Gain confidence in their communication skills

  • Notice and repair speech errors independently

  • Develop a growth mindset

Our speech therapists have advanced training in Childhood Apraxia of Speech. We take the time to learn which cues, supports, and strategies work best for your child - whether visual, tactile, verbal, or auditory - to help them make quicker progress!

Child in play-based speech therapy
Speech Therapy and EI

Language Therapy

Language comes in many forms - signed, gestured, spoken, or selected on a communication device. We respect and honor all forms of communication by building new language skills in whatever way that your child learns best. Language therapy will help your child:

  • Effectively communicate wants, needs, and thoughts

  • Confidently express what is in their head to all of their communication partners

  • Use an AAC device to communicate when spoken language is inaccessible 

  • Form authentic relationships and connect with others

We pay close attention to how your child learns language in order to determine the best therapy approach. Our speech therapists have extensive training in both analytic and gestalt language processing!

Child with developmental delays working on language skills

Feeding and
Swallowing Therapy

Feeding challenges can make mealtimes stressful for the whole family. Using both sensory and motor feeding techniques, we will help your child safely and effectively participate in feeding experiences, and restore the joy of mealtimes! Feeding therapy will help your child and family:

  • Develop new motor skills for eating and drinking

  • Successfully transition from milk to solid foods

  • Explore and eat a greater variety of foods by mouth

  • Enjoy the process of eating without stress, fear, or frustration​

We support children and families with a wide range of feeding challenges, ranging from pediatric dysphagia to picky eating!

Language and Feeding Therapy
Parent using strategies for language development

Parent and Caregiver Coaching Services

Parents and caregivers are the key to carryover! We invest time into teaching you new strategies to support your child's speech, language, and feeding skills during everyday life activities. Coaching sessions may be blended into direct therapy or scheduled as a separate service to help you: 

  • Confidently use strategies to help your child communicate and eat more effectively

  • Support your child in using new skills outside of therapy

  • Feel educated about your child's diagnosis, strengths, and support needs

Parent coaching sessions will be individually tailored to your needs and priorities. Your goals are our goals!

Bilingual Evaluation and Therapy Services

We are dedicated to meeting your child where they are and providing high-quality therapy services to our diverse client population. Currently, we offer bilingual speech and language therapy sessions in the following languages:

  • English​

  • Spanish

  • Tagalog​

  • Russian

Reach out to learn more about how we can support your child's communication skills in their primary language while integrating your family's cultural preferences.

Coaching and Bilingual Services

Get Started Today!

SF Speech Therapy is accepting new clients for speech, language, and feeding therapy throughout San Francisco, CA and surrounding areas.

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